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Finding a home step by step

Here is a brief overview of the advantages of using Bolighub for your rental home search.


Advanced search and filter functionalities

Bolighub has the market's best search and filter options. This allows you to find just the right home for you. In addition, we have our search agent which allows you to be notified when a new home is added to the market that matches your search criteria.


Price analysis

When you click on a listing you get to it's detail page. To help you assess the price of the home, we have created a price analysis tool. This tool shows you the average price of similar homes in the area. This way you can easily see if the home is overpriced or not.


Dialogue with landlords

On Bolighub it is easy to reach out to landlords. Bolighub will give you access to the landlords contact information, so you can communicate directly with landlords about homes you are interested in.


Quality standards

At Bolighub, we attach great importance to credibility. Therefore, we require the landlord to comply with the rules that apply to the letting and advertising of rental properties. We do our utmost to ensure that the homes that you can find on the site are actually for rent. We will remove the property ad from the page as soon as the property is rented out.