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Looking for a rental property in Slagelse? Bolighub is your reliable rental property portal that helps you find the perfect rental property in Slagelse. From apartments, villas, rooms, townhouses, student housing, senior housing, and much more, we have it all covered. Bolighub offers a wide range of available rental apartments that cater to every taste and budget. Whether you’re young, older, single, a couple, or a family, we have something for you.

Rental Properties in Slagelse for All Stages of Life

For Students and Young Adults

Are you searching for a student-friendly apartment in Slagelse? Slagelse is home to several educational institutions, including Professionshøjskolen Absalon, SDU Slagelse, Zealand, ZBC, Aarhus University Flakkebjerg Research Center, and Slagelse Gymnasium. Slagelse offers many affordable apartments for rent, perfect for students. With housing without waiting time, you can quickly find your new home and start your new chapter in life.

For Seniors

We understand the importance of finding the right senior housing. That’s why at Bolighub, we have a selection of available apartments for rent that cater to your needs as a senior.

For Singles, Couples, and Families

Whether you’re single, a couple, or have a family, we have a wide range of rental properties that match your needs. From compact apartments to spacious villas and townhouses, we have it all.

Neighborhoods and Areas in Slagelse

Slagelse offers various neighborhoods and areas that suit different lifestyles. From the vibrant city life in the center to the quiet and scenic areas on the outskirts, there’s something for everyone in Slagelse.

  • Slagelse Center: If you prefer city life, Slagelse Center is the place for you. Here, you’ll find a wide range of apartments for rent.

  • Nordbyen (North Town): For those who prefer peace and tranquility, Nordbyen is a fantastic area. Here, you’ll primarily find villas and townhouses for rent.

  • Sydbyen (South Town): Sydbyen is a popular choice for families with a mix of villas, townhouses, and apartments for rent.

Attractions in Slagelse

In addition to a wide range of rental properties, Slagelse also offers various attractions that make it an attractive place to live. Visit Slagelse Lystanlæg, explore the history at Slagelse Museum, or enjoy a day at the Golfklubben.

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